Regenerating landscapes in the interest of nature, climate and people

23 February 2023

Zulu Ecosystems' software platform accelerates the design and delivery of large-scale ecosystem regeneration in the service of nature, climate and people

We must work fast to restore degraded landscapes to tackle the climate and biodiversity crises and address the huge unmet demand for high-impact carbon removal projects.

Zulu Ecosystems’ advanced platform rapidly assesses large landscapes and evaluates their potential for uplift. It then designs and costs optimal natural regeneration projects. This provides a common baseline of reliable ecological and financial insights that fosters transparency and collaboration between landowners, local communities, corporate offsetters and investors.

The platform can analyse 16 hectares per second, drastically de-risking and reducing the time to deploy large-scale restoration projects. It analyses vast amounts of relevant data, and integrates the best practice of many ecological, land management and commercial disciplines.

Zulu Ecosystems is helping corporate, private and public sector stakeholders to move quickly from intention to action and access high integrity carbon and biodiversity credits to meet their pledges.

Zulu Ecosystems has an ambition to catalyse the regeneration of 100 million hectares of land by 2045, in the service of climate, nature and people. They are seeking to partner with institutions that share their vision and ambition.

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Published in: Economist Impact - COP27

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We need to stop seeing nature as an unlimited resource. We have to find a new and optimal balance in land use. The cost of inaction rises every day.

Ed Asseily, CEO
Written by
Ed Asseily
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