Zulu Forest Sciences is now Zulu Ecosystems

31 July 2023

Today we are unveiling our new company name: Zulu Ecosystems


We believe that our nature regeneration efforts are most effective when we take an ecosystem approach. This means considering the diverse range of habitats that may be restored in a given landscape to optimize for a high-functioning ecology.  

It also means taking an integrated approach to the management of land, water, and living resources that promotes conservation and sustainable use in a holistic, socially equitable way. 

Ecosystem regeneration, when done in the right way, is a crucial component of climate mitigation and adaptation, delivering truly additional impacts such as biodiversity uplift, improved soil health, water regulation and flood management, carbon sequestration, green jobs, health, and recreational benefits to communities.   

Our new name, Zulu Ecosystems, exemplifies our commitment to preserving, restoring, and enhancing the interconnectedness of nature for the benefit of the planet and its people. 

New name, same mission. 

Restoring forest ecosystems remains an integral pillar of our work, starting with the suitability of the soils for tree planting and selection of species within the landscape context. The ecosystem approach to planting the right tree in the right place means working with the land, not against it, to establish biodiverse and resilient native habitats. 

We are proud to be developing the largest woodland creation scheme in Southwest England and some of the largest nature regeneration projects in Scotland. We are also excited to be developing the first natural regeneration project under the Woodland Carbon Code: a scheme which aims to catalyze the restoration of ancient woodlands across all parts of the UK.   

At the same time, we have expanded the breadth of habitats we restore. We are now working with landowners, NGOs, and investors to restore degraded peatlands and bring lost woods back to life.  

To do this, we have expanded the breadth and speed of our data ingestion, and improved our platform’s ability to systematically process vast areas of land to prioritize natural interventions where they will have the greatest impact. Visualizing and quantifying these opportunities at the property, landscape, and national scale enables project stakeholders to co-design nature networks that enhance the resilience of core habitats and create connectivity corridors.    

Zulu Ecosystems’ pioneering technology enables landowners and investors to quickly and confidently assess, finance, and manage high impact landscape-scale projects. Importantly, these projects generate returns from a range of ecosystem services that represent the mosaic of habitats within a landscape. 

It takes an ecosystem to restore an ecosystem. 

As wildfires rage in Europe and North America, climate scientists warn of record-breaking oceanic temperature rises, and devastating floods hit several countries at once, the need to urgently restore complex and resilient natural ecosystems has never been starker. 

We may have a new name but our core values remain unshaken. As Zulu Ecosystems, we will continue to bring the same dedication, integrity, and expertise to every regeneration project we deliver. 

Ecosystems, like trust, need to be built from the ground up. As we embark on this journey as Zulu Ecosystems, we invite all our stakeholders to join us – but also to challenge us to think smarter and move faster. Together, we can create a profound, lasting impact on our planet's ecosystems and biodiversity. 

Written by
Ed Asseily
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