Land and Rural Webinar – Natural Capital & Woodland Carbon Code

10 March 2023

The carbon market is one of the most advanced mechanisms for transferring value between those who use our stocks of natural capital and those who restore it.

Ed Asseily, CEO

Saffery Champness x Zulu Ecosystems - Land and Rural Webinar: Natural Capital & Woodland Carbon Code

Edward Asseily (CEO) and Alex Robinson (Commercial Director) from Zulu Ecosystems were invited by Peter Harker (Partner, at Saffery Champness) to host a webinar that focused on the opportunities and key considerations for landowners to access the #woodlandcarboncode.

Together, they covered topics including:

  • Demystifying woodland carbon markets
  • Quality, charisma and greenwash
  • Intention to action: what's the next step?
  • Benefits of technology
  • Getting everyone onside
  • Tax considerations
  • Q&A

In case you missed it, you can reply the webinar by clicking [here].

For more information or for an initial assessment of your property, please contact hello@zuluecosystems.com

Written by
Alex Robinson
Commercial Director
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